Ashford 4 shaft loom

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Ashford weaving looms are versatile, functional and affordable. They come in kit form with very clear instructions ready for you to assemble.

With 4 shafts, you can weave plain weave and twill patterns, rosepath, monks belt, doubleweave and more.

The 41 cm (16 inch) Ashford 4 shaft loom is the smallest of the shaft looms. It is small enough to be used to sample and experiment and to carry with you. The width allows you to weave scarves, table runners, placements, cushions, bags, narrow widths of fabric and even your own braid to embellish your handwoven items. with the 8 shafts you can doubleweave, triple weave and more, allowing you to produce wider fabric.

The wider 61 cm (24 inch) loom allows for weaving clothing including skirt widths, wraps, towels, throw rugs and much more.

The 80 cm (32 inch) loom is the widest and most versatile of the Ashford range. Not only can you weave the narrow fabrics but you have the option of creating your own wider fabrics suitable for dresses, suits, throw rugs, curtains, bath towels.

Start out small and then purchase a stand, treadles, a bench and a double back beam later.