Birch Circular Knitting Needles


From $6.30 - $10.50

We all know that circular knitting needles are fantastic for knitting-in-the-round to make beanies, sweaters and cowls but did you know they have the potential to release your creativity? Think about it!

You can change colour and texture easily in every row.

You can speed up your knitting by avoiding purl rows.

It is also easy to use circular needles for straight knitting and so avoid unnecessary side seams and colour and pattern matching in cardigans. Knit the garment in one piece and avoid all the finishing off involved in stitching side seams and matching the fronts.

Circular needles can be more ergonomic as they distribute the weight of large knitted items more efficiently than when using long straight needles.

Birch plastic circular needles are economical and reliable.