Earth Palette Cotton and Linen Dyeing Kit - Cold Water Dyes


Earth Palette Cotton & Linen Dye Kit allows you to dye cellulose fibres at low temperatures using the cold batch method. these dyes are suitable for suitable for dyeing cotton, linen, bamboo, rayon and paper.

This versatile kit covers several methods of dyeing which will enable you to achieve either solid colours or creative dye effects.

(A) EXHAUST METHOD: this is suitable for dyeing solid shades and the goods are dyed at 40 – 50 degrees for 1 - ½ hours.

(B) COLD BATCHING METHOD: This method can be used to obtain a variety of creative dye effects. The dye solution may be applied by hand painting methods, resist techniques, ikat, dip-dyeing etc. The dye solutions may also be thickened if required. After applying the dye solutions, the dyed article is wrapped in plastic and left for 8 – 24 hours until the dye is fixed.

(C) RAPID BATCHING METHOD: The dye solutions may be applied by various creative dye techniques as outlined in (B) above. The dyed article is then dried and painted with Silicate Fixing Agent. After 15 minutes, the dyed article is ready for washing off. This is suitable for dyeing small articles quickly,
e.g. small motifs, patchwork squares, samples, etc.

The Kitset Includes:

6 x 20gm dye (Reactive Red, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Violet, Black)
200gm Soda Ash
400gm Urea
50gm Alginate Thickener

This Kit contains enough Cotton Reactive Dye to dye approximatley 3kgs of cotton fibre/fabric or yarn if made up at full strength.