Mop Yarn - soft twist



Have you seen the movie 'Joy' based on the true story of Joy Mangano who designed and manufactured as the 'miracle mop? There is a segment in the film where Joy demonstrates how the mop is made of '300 feet of continuous cotton'. The cotton she refers to and uses in her mop is 'mop yarn'. It has been widely used in Europe for many years in weaving and has a wide range of creative uses;

Macrame - makes soft lacey designs with soft fringing.

Knitting and crochet - makes soft bags, cushions etc 

Fringes and tassels - use several lengths of the mop yarn to make a soft, thick fringe for your weaving or tassels.

Wrapped cords and tassels for soft textile jewellery.

Weaving - soft floor rugs in the rag rug style.

Rep weaving with a close sett warp, using the mop yarn as a filler.

Use 7-9mm hooks or needles

Product details

Available on 1 kg rolls

75% recycled cotton 25% other recycled fibres

Tex 100 x 24

410 metres per kg