Thin Paper String 1.65Nm Tex605


Paper yarn has been used in many forms by Scandinavian textile artists. It is a versatile and exciting resource as well as being durable, dirt repellent, strong and colourful. Use it in weaving, crochet, knitting, basketry, knotting, macrame

Paper is produced from renewable resources from sustainable forests in Finland. It can be easily recycled or disposed of as it is fully biodegradable.

100 grams  165 metres

Product details

Material: paper produced in Finland
Thickness: 1.65 Nm (tex 605)
1 kg = approx. 1650 m
Hank: approx. 100 g
Care: Wash in plenty of cold (+25 - +30°C) water. Use diluted detergent without any bleach. Rinse thoroughly. Do not twist or fold. Dry as quickly as possible in a well ventilated space, lay flat to dry.