Textile artists love colour. In addition to Ashford dyes made in New Zealand, YarnHub offers two excellent Australian-made dye products so you can add that touch of colour to your fibre, yarn or textile item.

Ashford Dyes are available in individual pots in a range of sizes and also in collections. 

Landscape Dyes are Australian made dyes that will add colour to your hand-dyed fibres, yarns and fabric. Reflecting the colours of the Australian landscape and the native flora and fauna, these colours will mesmerise you and enhance your textile creations. Designed for wool and silk and other protein fibres as well as nylon, Landscapes are colourfast, safe and easy to use.

Landscapes Originals are a palette of 36 rich colours while Landscapes Elements offers an additional 30 more subtle colours. There are also Sampler Kits available to get you started.

Earth Palette Dye Kits are known as cold water dyes because they don't require you to fix the colour using boiling water. These dyes are thickened and painted on to your fabric or yarn. They can also be used on fibre. You'll feel like such an 'artiste' when you play with Earth Palette.

Landscape Dyes and Earth Palette - both easy to use, colourful and Australian.