Feltable Wool Yarn - 1 ply equivalent

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Merino felting yarn is perfect for weaving, hand or machine knitting and crochet. Once your hard work is done, throw the fabric in the washing machine and let the machine cycle do the rest. You'll be delighted with the finished product - a truly one of a kind textile masterpiece.

Let your creativity take over and combine with non-feltable yarn and be amazed at the results.

250g on cones.

1ply equivalent made from two fine threads plied together

100% Merino wool designed specifically for felting

Almost 1500 metres of yarn per 100g

Machine wash at 40'c or above to felt

Experiment above 50 degrees with trial pieces first

Advised Knitting Needles:

Knitting Needle (MM): 2

Knitting Needle (UK): 14

Yeoman yarns are quality products that are spun and dyed under stringent controls, to ensure quality, wash fastness, no use of environmentally harmful dyestuffs or chemicals , and comply with European ECO/ISO standards.  There is NO use of cheap labour, and they do NOT source any products from any area they have not thoroughly checked-out beforehand to ensure compliance with high ethical standards.