Seine Twine - undyed/natural REDUCED

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Scandinavian cotton warp thread is perfect for your tapestry, handwoven floor rugs, macrame and netting projects. Traditionally used in the fishing industry, seine twine is both strong and durable. Available in 500 gram rolls. For black, beige and other colours, see Dyed Seine Twine

It is available in the following sizes and each size is expressed in terms of the plies, the thickness and the length;

Finest  No 6  6 ply Tex 30 x 6  Length 2650 metres per 500gram roll

Fine No 9  9 ply Tex 30 x 9  Length 1740 metres per 500gram roll

Medium No 12  12 ply Tex 30 x 12  Length 1280 metres per 500gram roll

Thick No 15  15 ply Tex 30 x 15  Length 1010 metres per 500gram roll

Thicker No 18  18 ply Tex 30 x 18  Length 840 metres per 500gram roll

Extra thick 50 x 6 x 3 12/18 Length 550 metres per 500gram roll